“The Great Christmas Light Fight” and other SanDevices driven light shows.

See what you can do with one or multiple SanDevices controllers.


SanDevices Pixel Controllers User Gallery showing our customers using their E682 and E6804 Pixel Controllers in their light shows. Halloween, Christmas, Patriotic Holidays, and more uses shown here for your inspiration!

Johnson Family Light Show

This show uses 16 SanDevices E682 controllers


Drummer Boy xlights Sandevices e682 by Lionel Fonta

This show uses SanDevices E682 controllers Watch on YouTube – Click the pic below.

little drummer xlights sequence using e682 pixel controller

DanceOfTheSugarPlumFairy RGB Pixel Lightshow

Sequenced with Vixen 3.2
Light Controller is SanDevices E682
Show plays on Falcon player with Raspberry Pi

Lights – 1122 RGB pixels over 3366 Channels on 9 Universes

Broomfield Lights
Christmas Lights Central in North Denver
2021 Show

Click the image below to watch on youtube.

Not just for outdoor displays! Trick out your Christmas Tree with a SanDevices Pixel Controller

Need a video matrix? the E6804 has you covered!

Watch SanDevices’ own Jim St John demo Ray Wu’s matrix.

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More E6804 Pixel Controller Matrix Magic!

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