E682 – Kit

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E682 -16 port controller

The E682 expands on the original E680 feature set by adding several ‘pro’ level features such as pluggable screw-block pixel connectors, individual pixel string fuses, over-voltage and reverse polarity protection, and much more. Available as a full kit, assembled and tested, or as part of the PS1 pixel system.

Ethernet connection eliminates need for hardware “dongles” and special data wiring, just plug PC and controller(s) into your LAN

Simplified wiring, each pixel string connector supplies data and power to pixels over a single cable.

Any output can drive any number of pixels, over multiple universes, up to the full capacity of the controller.

E682 - Kit

The E682 (now shipping), adds several new features for professional and commercial users as well as hobbyists: SanDevices: The Pixel Project E681 Product Information We Turn Lights into Magic • Pixel string connectors are pluggable screw-terminal blocks, no soldering or crimping required • Every pixel string is protected by a plug-in, easily-replaceable fuse • Universal power supply allows the E682 to be powered directly from the pixel power source, from 5 to 24 volts; no separate controller power supply required • Dedicated +5VDC power output connector to power a small ethernet switch; simplifies network cabling by allowing network cables to be "daisy-chained" from one controller to the next • Single 4"x7" PC Board, will mount in industry-standard CG-1500 waterproof enclosure • Supports up to 6 universes of E1.31 (>1,000 pixels), with additional capacity in the future. • Pluggable matching resistors can be tailored to specific pixel types or wiring • Multiple status LEDs for easy troubleshooting. • Reverse Polarity Protection - Over-voltage protection • Supports 2-wire balanced DMX outputs, compatible with standard wired DMX devices. Renard support coming soon. • Upgraded heavy-duty pixel power connectors rated for a total maximum of 64 amps of pixel power

7 reviews for E682 – Kit

  1. Troy Bakken

    Great product. I have built three of these now. No problems.

  2. DocJohnson

    Ordering my second E682; great quality product, works perfectly. 5 Stars when the documentation is up-to-date, and photos and side notes are added. Be sure to read everything, and watch all the videos the first time.

  3. NOTW Lights

    The kit was the MOST fun building and I learned a lot from doing it. I’m absolutely purchasing another one. I just about maxed out the pixels on my first. 🙂

  4. arm166 (verified owner)

    First one to build with 2 more in the near future. 5 Stars when the photos are up-to-date. Got through it, but an updated picture of current board would have help being the first time to build one.

  5. dean.parfrey (verified owner)

    Purchased 2 of these a few years ago and have nothing but positive experience with them.
    Kits were complete and instructions very clear with appropriate pictures to assist.
    Setup, configuration and use are just so easy that you never get in a twist over it.

    Delivery to UK was quicker than I was expecting which is a bonus. 🙂

    Communication, support and after sales are second to none., even taking into account the time difference.

    Truly a quality product and highly recommend.
    So much so another 2 have just been ordered.
    Thanks Jim and all at SanDevices.

  6. nathanbrittingham (verified owner)

    I love this board! So easy to put together and to set up. Works great! I have personally built 12 of these boards and have yet to have any issues with them. Its simple, its a great price and they work like they are supposed to.

  7. admrlbrain (verified owner)

    Just built my second E682 board. I also have a E6804. Just like the others, this one works perfectly. This board is simple, yet powerful. I love the kit feature and that everything is through-hole design. I’m sure boards from other manufacturers are just as good but, many of them have surface mount components. With this board, if anything should fail?… easy replacement.

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