E6804 Pixel Controller Assembled Tested

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E6804 Discription

The E6804 is the newest entry in the SanDevices pixel controller lineup. The E6804 keeps the full E682 feature set, but in a lower-cost and more compact 4-output package. The E6804 runs the new Version 4 firmware. Version 4 adds support for Unicast E1.31 and Art-Net (up to 12 universes) and expands Multicast E1.31 to 7 universes.

Ethernet connection eliminates need for hardware “dongles” and special data wiring, just plug PC and controller(s) into your LAN

Simplified wiring, each pixel string connector supplies data and power to pixels over a single cable.

Any output can drive any number of pixels, over multiple universes, up to the full capacity of the controller.
This is a Great starter board

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E6804 Pixel Controller Assembled & Tested

E6804 specifications

Industry's first 12-bit pixel support with user-selectable gamma correction: (TLS3001 and CYT3005 pixels)
• Control of up to 4 separate pixel strings or strips
• Any output can drive any number of pixels, over multiple universes, up to the full capacity of the controller.
• Control of up to 2,040 individual pixels using Unicast E1.31 or Art-Net, 1,190 pixels using Multicast E1.31
• Uses industry standard E1.31 and Art-Net protocols.
• Many pixel types supported including: LPD6803, LPD880x, WS2801, TM180x, TLS3001, CYT3005, DMS9813, GE ColorEffects, WS2811, 1903, 9813, WS2811, and 1-wire native DMX pixels, - more supported pixel types than any other controller
• All configuration and status reporting is done using the built-in web server
• MANY Advanced configuration options included RGB color order, string length, pixel grouping, pixel type, reversed and zig-zagged strings, 'null' pixels, DMX addressing range, universe spanning, gamma correction, and more
• 5v or 12v compatible
• Simultaneously supports up to 4 different pixel types
• Built-in test patterns to aid in system setup and troubleshooting
• Firmware updates may be done remotely over the network, no need for special programming tools, ideal when updating already-installed controllers since there is no need for physical access to the controller
• Outputs can be configured to send standard DMX universes (may be used as a 12-universe E1.31 to DMX bridge)

E6804 Pixel Controller Assembled Tested to make sure it works out of the box.

2 reviews for E6804 Pixel Controller Assembled Tested

  1. Shannon Slate

    I have 4 of these spread through out my yard, they work great.

  2. buffettfan23 (verified owner)

    Excellent. Easy Setup. Works great!

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