Firmware is a vital part of your hardware’s operations.
A note to consider before upgraded is “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it“, meaning if your lights are working, then there in no need to update.

Please double check that the firmware being updated is correct for your hardware.

Software used to update is fwloader_1_0.
Follow the instructions carefuly for your hardware – SanDevices_Firmware_Update_Procedure_05-2013

The below firmware is the current standard as of 11/22/2017
There was some numbering issues with earlier versions.

Available firmware
– E680_UPGRADED_v4.033 or E680_v2.025
E681 – E681_UPGRADED_v4.033 or E681v2.051
E682 E682v4.081-01
E6804 – E6804v4.081

The following firmware is Beta but has been known to resolve several of peoples issues.

Available firmware
E682 – E682v5.030
E6804 –  E6804v5.030

SanDevices Version 5.023 Firmware Documentation PRELIMINARY 11-08-2016