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The selection of the lighting control software to run on your PC is a critical step in developing an RGB pixel system. That selection may depend on your objectives, your budget, or a need for compatibility with an existing display.

To use RGB pixels effectively, the lighting software you use must support E1.31. E1.31 is a standard that allows the transmission of DMX lighting data over an ethernet connection. DMX has been the mainstay of lighting control for many years. It was adopted as a standard so that lighting equipment from different manufacturers could operate together.

There are a couple of free software packages available on the forum. These are Vixen and HLS. HLS (Hinkle Lighting Software) in particular has a lot of features geared toward efficient use of pixels.

As far as commercial packes, Light-O-Rama (LOR) is a very popular product, in fact a range of products from controllers, to software, and even some RGB pixels.

Another very
popular package that supports E1.31 is Light Show Pro. This product is very reasonably priced, and the author of LSP has made a strong commitment to make support of RGB pixels in his product a high priority.

A very slick and unique package is offered by
LightJams. It's unique in that it's primarily geared towards live control of pixels. Very reasonably priced, and a full-featured demo is available.

Another popular commercial package is LightFactory. LightFactory is similar to madrix in some respects, and it does allow music to light synchronization, which Madrix does not.

There is another lighting software package that we highly recommend if it fits your needs and your budget. It doesn't support synchronizing lights to music directly, but it can produce some stunning effects, particularly suited for large matrix-type groupings of pixels, with very little time and effort. The product is
Madrix, and SanDevices is an authorized dealer. Madrix can be used in conjunction with other software packages. In fact it's possible to use a few LOR channels to "remote control" Madirx to allow RGB pixels to be integrated into an LOR-based display.

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