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Obtaining Pixels and Power Supplies:

Virtually all RGB pixels are manufactured in China. The best place to purchase pixels is Ray Wu's store on Alibaba. He has a good selection and good pricing. The down-side is that shipping is quite expensive and the return process can be impractical as a result. Ray has had consistently good reports of dealing with any issues that may arise. Alibaba holds your funds until you notify them to release funds to the seller, so you do have protection if your order doesn't arive as expected.

ALWAYS email Ray with your proposed order. Ask questions up front, rather than be surprised later. Ray will often come up with lower shipping costs than the Alibaba calculator quotes, so please make it a point to email him for a quote rather than just placing the order online.

You should keep in mind that we are talking about a mass-produced product, and if you order hundreds or even thousands of pixels, it's probably not realistic to expect 100% working pixels. Although Ray is good about sending replacements for bad pixels, what you'll get is individual pixels, it'll be up to you to wire them in, in place of the bad ones.

Here's a link to Ray Wu's store:
Pixel Style: There are the standard 12mm pixels that come on strings, there are pixels that come as flat strips, and there are large pixels in various shapes and sizes. Pixel style selection is usually based on what you're planning to light. Strings are common for lighting trees, building mega-trees, hanging vertically for aq snowfall effect, etc. Strings are probably the most versatile form.

Pixel strips can be used for windows, gutters, rooflines, etc. The main restriction with pixel strips is the bend radius, they can't make sharp corners. Pixel strips usually have 3 tri-color LEDs per pixel, so you will be lighting up 3 adjacent lights at a time. Strips are very bright, but also the light is directional.

Do a keyword search for: RGB Pixels. Unfortunately some of Ray's product descriptions don't have full information. If in doubt, please email Ray and ask for clarification. When shopping for pixels there are several things to consider:
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