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The SanDevices Pixel System 1 is the first affordable plug-and-play pixel solution.
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Pixel System One (PS1) Product Information
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•The Pixel System 1 is available in either 5 volt or 12 volt versions. It includes an assembled and tested E682 pixel controller mounted in a weatherproof enclosure with a 350 watt power supply.

•It also includes a heavy-duty outdoor-rated power cord and short waterproof female cables for attaching your pixel strings.

•Ray Wu, the major supplier of pixels to US users, is making available his pixel strings with pre-attached cables that will plug directly into the PS1, eliminating the need for any hand assembly or wiring. The cost is only slightly higher than the base price of the pixel strings without cabling.

•The popular WS2811 pixels can be purchased from Ray for $20 per string of 50, with a 7 foot waterproof PS1 cable attached. This means that you can have a complete 800-pixel system for right around $800 including shipping to the US.

•If you wish to attach your own pixel cables, or add extension cables to increase the distance between pixels and controller, the 4-core waterproof cables are available from Ray or from SanDevices.

•The Pixel System 1 is priced at $439. US shipping is $35. The Pixel System 1 is shipping now, but please expect about 3 weeks lead time.

•Additional information and photos will be available shortly