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ELOR: Bridging the gap between Light-O-Rama and RGB Pixels and/or DMX
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ELOR Product Information
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•MPORTANT: As of July 2012, LOR now supports E1.31 in it's most recent software release. As a result, ELOR won't be needed for most LOR pixel applications. ELOR is still useful for controlling pixels in a PC-less LOR system, when it's not convenient to run ethernet to the display, or when the DMX output capabilities are needed._

•LOR is a hardware product called a "protocol bridge" that basically translates the language of the LOR software into a form that is understood by the E680/E681 pixel controllers. This will allow you to attach an E681 pixel controller to your LOR network, and allow your RGB pixels to work seamlessly with the LOR sequencing software.

•LOR attaches to your network like any other LOR controller. To your LOR software it appears as four 512-channel controllers. The lighting effects for those channels are translated from LOR format to E1.31, DMX over Ethernet, which can then be fed to a SanDevices Pixel Controller.

•n addition to providing 4 universes of E1.31 (enough for up to 680 pixels), ELOR will also provide a standard wired RS485 DMX universe output.

•ll of ELOR's 2,048 channels are "smart" channels and support all LOR effects including fades, twinkle, and shimmer.

ELOR is now shipping.

For more information please click the link to the right to view the preliminary user guide.