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The E682 (now shipping), adds several new features for professional and commercial users as well as hobbyists:
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E681 Product Information
We Turn Lights into Magic
• Pixel string connectors are pluggable screw-terminal blocks, no soldering or crimping required
• Every pixel string is protected by a plug-in, easily-replaceable fuse
• Universal power supply allows the E682 to be powered directly from the pixel power source, from 5 to 24 volts; no separate controller power supply required
• Dedicated +5VDC power output connector to power a small ethernet switch; simplifies network cabling by allowing network cables to be "daisy-chained" from one controller to the next
• Single 4"x7" PC Board, will mount in industry-standard CG-1500 waterproof enclosure
Supports up to 6 universes of E1.31 (>1,000 pixels), with additional capacity in the future.
• Pluggable matching resistors can be tailored to specific pixel types or wiring
• Multiple status LEDs for easy troubleshooting.
• Reverse Polarity Protection - Over-voltage protection
Supports 2-wire balanced DMX outputs, compatible with standard wired DMX devices. Renard support coming soon.
• Upgraded heavy-duty pixel power connectors rated for a total maximum of 64 amps of pixel power
E682 is compatible with:
CYT3005,GE Color Effects, WS2811, LPD880x, 981X, 16716, and MORE pixel types.