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SanDevices: Universal RGB Pixel Controllers
E682: Pro Feature Set
The E682 expands on the original E680 feature set by adding several 'pro' level features such as pluggable screw-block pixel connectors, individual pixel string fuses, over-voltage and reverse polarity protection, and much more. Available as a full kit, assembled and tested, or as part of the PS1 pixel system.

Pixel System 1 is Now Shipping: This is a plug-and-play pixel system with no assembly needed, for under $1 per pixel!
SanDevices manufactures the E682,and E6804 controllers for RGB LED pixels. Pixels are 3-color LEDs with a built-in intelligent controller chip. These pixels are arranged in strings similar to standard LED christmas lights. The difference is that with RGB pixels, you can control the brightness and color of each LED independently.

Pixels have many applications in holiday displays, night clubs, stage lighting, architectural lighting, and artistic displays. Pixels can be strung on rooflines, hung as vertical strands for a 'snowfall' effect, or arranged in a matrix. A matrix of pixels can be used to display images or even full-motion video.
SanDevices controllers are compatible with MANY pixel types, including the popular GE ColorEffects lights.

The SanDevices controllers act as the bridge between your PC and the pixels. Lighting control data is sent from your PC over the standard ethernet LAN connection. The controller connects to your LAN also; it receives the E1.31 or Art-Net data from the PC, and converts it into the proper signals to drive the pixel strings.

Each controller can operate up to 16 separate pixel strings (4 strings for the E6804), and by using multiple controllers the number of pixels that can be controlled is virtually limitless.

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Your PC and E1.31/ Art-Net compatible Lighting Software (Madrix, LOR, Light Show Pro, Vixen, LightJams, others)
E6804-E682 Pixel Controllers
RGB Pixels
(up to 16 strings or strips per E682, 4 for E6804), up to 2,000 pixels per controller

Pixel Power Supply
Madrix Authorized Dealer
Compatible with all popular lighting control software including Madrix, Light Factory, Light Show Pro, Vixen, Light-O-Rama, LightJams, HLS, and more.
SanDevices pixel controllers support the widest range of pixels in the industry including the GE ColorEffects pixels, 1804, 1903, 2801, 2811, 3001, 3005, 6803, 8806, 9813, and others. NOTE: The latest E68x firmware supports 8-bit (256 levels) of dimming for type 6803 pixels and up to 10-bit effective dimming for most 8-bit pixels.
The E6804 is the newest entry in the SanDevices pixel controller lineup. The E6804 keeps the full E682 feature set, but in a lower-cost and more compact 4-output package. The E6804 runs the new Version 4 firmware. Version 4 adds support for Unicast E1.31 and Art-Net (up to 12 universes) and expands Multicast E1.31 to 7 universes.
E6804: Compact and Low-Cost